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For Parents And Anyone Who Cares For And About Kids!
Below is a list of tips to help you as you care for your children. Select a Language to download a printable version (Acrobat PDF) of each tip. Download Acrobat Reader Free.

When I was the official nurse of the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and each month I answered questions from parents. Go to to read some of the articles.

Thank you to Hanh Nguyen, project coordinator at the International Children Assistance Network for translating some of our articles to Vietnamese.

Art and Play
  • 20 Reasons Art is Good for Children   Download PDF (English)
  • How Do I Talk To Kids About Art?   Download PDF (English)
  • Play: It’s the Way Young Children Learn Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • The Importance of Play   Download PDF (English)
Discipline and Temperament
  • Another Way To Understand Children’s Behavior Download PDF (English)
  • Ask the Expert: Looking at Your Child’s Behavior Through the Lens of Temperament Download PDF (English) Originally published by the Golden Gate Mothers Group.
  • Discipline Tips   Download PDF (English)
  • Hitting, Kicking, Biting, and Hair Pulling   Download PDF (English)
  • How to Calm Your Crying Baby English | Spanish | Chinese
  • How to Discipline Children with Love and Limits   Download PDF (English)
  • Keeping Up with Spirited Kids   Download PDF (English)
  • Self-Regulation: Tips for Teachers and Child Care Providers    Download PDF (English)
  • Self-Regulation: Tips for Parents    Download PDF (English)
  • Setting Limits with a Timer   Download PDF (English)
  • Six Ways to Raise a Child Who’s NOT a Bully   Download PDF (English)
  • Tantrums, Fussing, and Whining Download PDF (English)
  • Tantrums on Display Download PDF (English)
  • Time’s Up! Download PDF English | Vietnamese
  • Using “Time-Out” for Discipline Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • What to Do When Children Beg, Plead, and Make Demands Download PDF (English)
Children and Technology
  • Setting Guidelines and Limits for Children Ages Two to Five Download PDF (English)
  • Research, results, and reflections for parents of children ages 10-13 Download PDF (English)
  • Life in your child’s digital shoes, for parents of children ages 10-13 Download PDF (English)
  • Parenting dilemmas for the digital age, children ages 10-13 Download PDF (English)
  • How to talk about safety and limits for children ages 10-13 Download PDF (English)
Families and Relationships
  • Are You Feeling Stressed?   Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Celebrating Father Figures   Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Divorce Tips from Dr. Ann Buscho – Co-Parenting After A Divorce Download PDF (English)
  • Honoring Fathers Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Is it Possible for Parents to Live a Balanced Life? Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Keeping Romance Alive Download PDF (English)
  • Less Stress and More Holiday Cheer Download PDF (English)
  • Passing On Your Values to Your Children Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Preparing for Another Child Download PDF (English)
  • Raising Siblings and Reducing Rivalry Download PDF (English)
  • Regaining Friendly Relations with Your Partner Download PDF (English)
  • Sibling Tips   Download PDF (English)
  • The Wisdom of Fathers  Download PDF (English)
  • What Triggers Your Anger? Download PDF (English)
General Parenting
  • An Attitude of Gratitude Download PDF (English)
  • Being a “Good Enough” Parent: Practice and Patience, Not Perfection Download PDF (English)
  • Celebrating All Children Download PDF (English)
  • Choosing Quality Childcare Download PDF (English)
  • Eating Out with Kids: Restaurant Behavior Download PDF (English)
  • Economics Are Not Child’s Play   Download PDF (English)
  • Give Thanks to Mother… Every Day!   Download PDF 2009 English | 2008 English
  • Having a Pleasant Trip in the Car   Download PDF (English)
  • Helping Children Cope with Traumatic Events   Download PDF (English)
  • How to Yell Less Download PDF (English)
  • Inexpensive Fun for Kids in the New Year  Download PDF (English)
  • Interrupting   Download PDF (English)
  • Keeping Our Children Safe and Sound  Download PDF (English)
  • Less Stress and More Holiday Cheer   Download PDF (English)
  • Less Yelling and More Joy for the Holidays Download PDF (English)
  • Let’s Celebrate Young Children  Download PDF (English)
  • Pets Teach Children Life Lessons   Download PDF (English)
  • Raising Children with Special Needs   Download PDF English | Vietnamese
  • Raising Grateful Children  Download PDF English
  • Raising Healthy and Happy Girls   Download PDF English | Vietnamese
  • Real New Year’s Resolutions for Our Children and Families Download PDF (English)
  • Taking Turns   Download PDF (English)
  • Talking to Your Child About War Download PDF (English)
  • Teaching Children to Love the Earth  Download PDF (English)
  • Tips for Teen Parents  Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Travel Tips for Summer Trips Download PDF (English)
  • Traveling with Young Children  Download PDF (English)
  • Uncertain Motherhood Download PDF (English)
  • When to Worry About Your Preteen  Download PDF (English)
  • “Where Did I Come From?:” Answering Tough Questions from Kids Download PDF (English)
Health and Safety
  • 10 Safety Tips from Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Healthy Halloween Download PDF (English)
  • Healthy Snacks on the Go Download PDF (English)
  • Keeping Kids Healthy During Cold and Flu Season Download PDF (English)
  • Keeping Our Children Safe and Sound Download PDF (English)
  • Lyme Disease Q & A  Download PDF (English)
  • Safe and Sound: Keeping Our Children from Harm Download PDF (English)
  • Safe Fun in the Sun this Summer Download PDF (English)
  • Summer Safety Download PDF (English)
  • Ten Ways to Have a Successful Appointment with Your Child’s Doctor Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Tips for a Healthier New Year Download PDF (English)
School and Education
  • ADHD Students and College by Harlan Gephart and Stephanie Sarkis  Download PDF (English)
  • Back to School Tips  Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Children with Learning Disabilities or Differences  Download PDF (English)
  • Four Tips for Preparing You and Your Child for Kindergarten Download PDF (English)
  • Help Your Child Become a Reader  Download PDF (English) – (Spanish)
  • Helping Children with Learning Disabilities and Differences Adjust to School  Download PDF (English)
  • Helping Your Child with Homework   Download PDF (English)
  • How Parents Can Help Kids Who Have Learning Disabilities or Differences   Download PDF (English)
  • It’s Time to Do Your Homework!   Download PDF (English)
  • Mr. Science’s Top Ten Experiments from Tree Frog Treks View Tips on the Tree Frog Treks Website
  • Reading for Pleasure and School Success Download PDF: (English) – (Spanish)