Oral Health: A vital part of Good Health

Oral diseases become more complex over time—affecting a person’s ability to eat, concentrate, and be productive in school or work. Early intervention makes a huge difference, but over 108 million children and adults lack dental insurance.

Oral health is a critical component of health for adults and children. Two leading dental diseases, caries and periodontal disease, are widespread, but there is much more to discuss when it comes to good oral health.

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Dr. Jared Fine served as the dental director for the Alameda County Public Health Department for more than 35 years. He has devoted his career to supporting the needs of special populations, including people with HIV/AIDS, those with low incomes, and those from minority groups. He has served as Chair of  the Scientific Advisory Committee for the California First 5 Oral Health Education and Training Project. As the local project coordinator of the Healthy Kids, Healthy Teeth Program, he promotes the oral health of infants and children in Alameda County, CA. Dr. Fine has been president of his local dental society, chair of the board of the Dental Health Foundation, and chair of the American Public Health Association’s Oral Health Section.
Dr. Ariane Terlet has a private practice in Berkeley, and is the Chief Dental Officer for La Clinica de La Raza in Oakland. Dr. Terlet served on the California Dental Board, and has served on the Government Affairs Council and Work Force Committees. She is very involved in Access to Care issues at both the State and National levels. She is currently serving on the Government Affairs Council for the American Dental Association.