Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer, One Precious Day at a Time.

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1 in 8 (about 12%) women in the U.S will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, and it’s estimated that 40,450 women will die this year from breast cancer.sunset

What is it like for someone who has a diagnosis of metastatic cancer, as they face the challenges of treatments, tests, side effects, and planning for their future? And how do they develop the ability and mindset to live each day fully with a full range of emotions and experiences?

 My Guests:
Dr. Janet Sollod has a unique perspective being both a physician and cancer patient for the last nine years.  Born and raised in San Francisco, Dr Janet went to MIT undergrad, USC medical school, and UCLA for pediatric residency.  She practiced for a year in Puerto Rico before joining her father in his pediatric practice in San Francisco in 2004.  They eventually became partners, then sold the practice last year.  Dr Janet has been living with metastatic breast cancer for over seven years.  She also snowboards, rock climbs, dances, hikes, backpacks, practices yoga, travels the world and says “Yes” to any adventure. To hear her speak listen here:
Catherine Williams was one of the 6-10% of people diagnosed with “de novo,” or from the beginning, stage IV metastatic breast cancer, after her first mammogram at age 40. She is a patient advocate and volunteers for several organizations including METUP, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, METAvivor, Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS), and the California Dialogue on Cancer. Catherine is determined to help change the landscape of metastatic breast cancer. She loves books, traveling, cooking & eating, outdoor adventures, and the Oregon Ducks. After a couple of life-changing experiences that helped her deal with her diagnosis, she adopted a new motto: We Never Have Another Chance At Today!