World Peace Begins At Home

World Peace Begins At Home: I’ve thought of this motto for some time now. I realize that like many people, I struggle with trying to understand how to bring more peace to our country and the countries around the world. I often feel helpless and at times even hopeless about the wars, political fighting, and abuse of power. When I come back to what I can do, I remember that I can do my best to treat people with compassion, and I can help families as they deal with the challenges they face each day. (more…)


July 6, 2012: It’s terrific that my new web site is launched. You can find out about my services, who I am, and what I’ve been up to. In the coming months I’ll be adding more content for parents. We will transfer all of the Childhood Matters radio shows (from 2002-2012) and other podcasts for you to listen to when you can. I’ll also transfer the parenting resources that you can now find at (more…)