At this time of year many people who suffer from addictions find the holidays to be particularly stressful. Isolation, illness, poverty, neglect, and abuse, are some of the things that can influence a person to use drugs as an escape from what they are feeling and thinking.

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My guests were Jennifer Golick, LMFT and Jorge Partida, PsyD.


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searchDr. Jorge Partida is a clinical and research psychologist, specializing in addiction and trauma. He is an author, consultant and national speaker integrating Native Ancestral Teachings with traditional Western psychotherapy. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Dr. Partida immigrated to Chicago at nine years of age.

He has been a consultant on many national and international projects designing and implementing clinical programs to address addiction, education, health, community building, diversity and spirituality. He has worked with local and national governments to coordinate services for those most impacted by poverty, war and displacement. He has worked in Liberia, Africa in the repatriation of boy soldiers and has worked to form “intentional communities” in poverty-impacted countries of Latin America, including Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. Dr. Jorge is the author of “The Promise of The Fifth Sun” and “A Week of Awakening.” 



Jenniger GolickJennifer Golick, LMFT, is the Clinical Director at Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services, a gender-specific, residential treatment program designed specifically for boys age 12-17 suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring issues. For many years Jennifer worked as a therapist in a non-profit mental health agency, working with underinsured and uninsured children and families. Jennifer also created and implemented the first agency-based Animal Assisted Therapy program. Previously Jennifer was Clinical Director of a residential substance abuse treatment center in the Napa Valley. Her specialties include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing focusing on helping individuals and families identify problematic patterns of thinking in order to affect systemic change.