Many parents and children experience anxiety. Sometimes it’s mild, but other times it can get in the way of fun or meaningful activities. Does your child avoid field trips because he is afraid he’ll throw up on the bus? Do you say no to an invitation to go to a party because you are worried  you won’t know anyone, or that you don’t have a new outfit for the event?  Research shows that as parents, we often pass on our anxieties to our kids, and in some families there is a genetic component as well.

Here is a good story from NPR about a family who reached out for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to reduce anxiety. Don’t be ashamed if you or your child needs help. Life is a lot easier when anxiety doesn’t rule.

There are also many books to help you understand more about reducing your child’s anxiety. Here a two good ones:unnamed—Step/dp/1572245751/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1401389948&sr=1-3&keywords=parenting+the+anxious+child