This self-Compassion meditation came to me when I was writing Is That Me Yelling? and feelings of self-criticism were popping up.

I continue to learn how essential it is for me to develop compassion towards myself and to let go of feelings of guilt and shame about my mistakes as a parent. It’s an ongoing process,  and my wish is that this meditation will be of help to you. You can read it below or listen to it by clicking this link: 


Rona&baby2 Sit down in a comfortable place, in a chair or cushion, or lie on the floor. Gently close your eyes.

Become aware of your breath. Notice your breath…breathing in, and breathing out. There is no need to change your breath…just notice it with each inhalation and exhalation.   Become aware of your body, sense your body, and scan for any places that have tension. Notice these places, like your neck, or shoulders, or jaw or hands. Keep your awareness on your body and on your breath.

Now imagine yourself as a baby. You were once an innocent beautiful baby. Notice your size. Look at your hands, at your feet,  at your face—and become aware of your babies expression. Babies show their emotions without hesitation.

Is your baby looking Content? Curious? Sad? Afraid? Joyful? Sleepy? Take your time and notice your babies face. Are you aware of your baby without judgment? With full acceptance? You may want to pick up your baby and rock him or her gently in your arms.  How does your baby respond to your gentle touch? You may want to bring your baby close to your chest patting him or her gently. 

If your baby is experiencing any  pain or  suffering you can provide comfort. Sense  how you care for your baby, and if you want to, bring your baby into your heart, and surround your baby with love and light. Sense how you and this baby are one. Take another minute to feel  kindness towards your baby and towards yourself.

If you want to you can now picture the child or children you are raising, and sense the kindness and love you feel for them. They were once babies as well. Soft and innocent newborns coming into this world to be cared for by you.

Now, if you choose to, you can expand the circle of kindness to include other people you love, or know, or people who may be suffering physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Know that  you can feel this kindness towards yourself anytime. When you make a mistake, yell too much, disappoint someone, loose something valuable….you can feel compassion and acceptance of yourself as you would for a baby who was crying. You can let go of self-criticisms for right now. If you notice any  judgments, let them go, as you get ready to transition from your experience with your baby.

Now,  bring your attention to listening to the sounds around you. What do you hear?

When you are ready,  gently open your eyes and notice the light, and shapes, and objects in your room.

May you feel compassion and acceptance for yourself and others. And may your compassion remind others of this possibility.

With gratitude,