What does the term Integrative Medicine really mean? And how is it similar to or different than the medical care you receive? On August 3rd on “About Health” on KPFA 94.1 FM, we discussed various healing modalities that are used on the path towards health and healing. 

If you missed the show you can hear it at https://kpfa.org/player/?audio=211515

Our guests were:

83dddc58047d410801d1259e3a3662cfDavi Pakter MD. In his practice he focuses on removing the obstacles to health and activating the body’s innate ability to heal. Dr. Davi is board certified in Family Medicine and Holistic Integrative Medicine. At the core of his philosophy is the concept of Integrative Medicine, which unifies Traditional Allopathic Medicine (the medicine practiced by most MD’s and in Hospitals) with Complementary and Alternative therapies. He currently works at the West Berkeley Family Practice-Lifelong Medical Care Clinic, and works to increase access to integrative medicine for those that can’t afford it.
(Lifelongmedical.org, 510-981-4200)
Also joining us was Kate Lewis, L.Ac. At West Berkeley Family Practice, Kate balances the roles of Center Supervisor and acupuncturist. She was a core developer of the Integrative Medicine progam at West Berkeley which offers Naturopathic services. Kate has worked and volunteered in community medicine for 10 years. She is grateful to be able to offer services to both Spanish and Mandarin speaking community members following her travel and work in clinics in South and Central America as well as living in Shanghai, China.