There are many questions women have when they are in their 40’s and 50’s about when menopause (the last menstrual period) will occur and what treatments are available for the physical symptoms and mood changes that often occur.  

Dr. Amy Day and Nurse Barb Dehn were my guests on “About Health” on Monday July 13th. You can hear the entire show here:

Barb Dehn is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, award winning author, and a nationally recognized health expert. An in demand and popular national speaker on all aspects of women’s health, she also lectures at Stanford and is a frequent health expert on television and radio
Learn more about Nurse Barb at Check out her book: The Hot Guide to a Cool Sexy Menopause. 






Amy Day is a naturopathic doctor. After eight years at San Francisco Natural Medicine, Dr. Amy opened her private practice in Berkeley specializing in helping busy professional women with stress, fatigue, and hormonal issues. She uses an integrated approach combining diet, exercise, lifestyle counseling, stress management, nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, and bioidentical hormones as she guides women on the journey to optimal wellness. Learn more at where you can download a free copy of her newest e-book: The Busy Woman’s Guide to Adrenal Health.