Lisa Fredericksen and Caroll Fowler, MFT were my guests on About Health,  on KPFA—94.1 FM, on May 25th to discuss what happens to the people who live or work with a person who misuses alcohol. If you missed the show, here is the link:

My guests:

Lisa Frederiksen ia national keynote speaker, consultant, and founder of She is the Author of nine books, including “If You Loved Me, You’d Stop!” and “Quick Guide to Addiction Recovery: What Helps, What Doesn’t,” and the Quick Guide to SecondHand Drinking: A Phenomenon that affects millions. You can contact Lisa at:

Caroll Fowler is a therapist who has been working in the field of addictions for 28 years. She has worked at a number of treatment programs and most recently was the Director of the Family Program at Sequoia Center in Redwood City. Additionally, in 2011, she was the Co-Founder of a nonprofit, drug and alcohol program in Kenya. She has a private practice in Castro Valley and facilitates a group for family members in Redwood City. You can reach her at 510-582-5225

Learn more about the health consequences of secondhand drinking at:

 My gratitude to the wonderful callers who shared their stories, comments, and questions. 

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“Secondhand drinking is a term to describe the impacts another person experiences as a result of trying to cope with a person’s drinking behaviors. These are the behaviors a person engages in as a result of drinking alcohol in quantities that exceed what the body and brain can handle. These behaviors include the insane, circular arguments; verbal/physical or emotional abuse; physical assault; unwanted sex; the behaviors that occur in a blackout; the accident caused when driving while impaired.”Lisa Fredericksen