Getting in Good Habits, part 2

Rona and I continue last week’s discussion—and specific instruction—for getting into a new habit. Note: I reference (and recommend!) BJ Fogg’s work in this podcast. His website is Aired: September 2012

Previous Workshop

September 26th from 6-7:45 PM at Berkeley YMCA, Youth Movement Studio, 2001 Allston Way, Berkeley. For more information contact Eden O’Brien-Brenner at 510-665-3238 or at . Cost: $20 per member or $30 per member couple. $25 non-member or $40 non-member couple.

Getting in Good Habits, part 1

It’s one thing to know what you want to do to make your life better…and quite another to actually be able to do it. Last week Rona and I discussed the benefits of having a mindfulness or meditation habit; this week we talk about how to establish such a habit, or any other. Aired: September 2012

A Free Tool for Calmer Parenting

Mindfulness is an amazing tool for parents that both Rona and I use all the time. In this podcast, we review what mindful parenting actually is, and discuss our most helpful tips and tricks for being more mindful in everyday life. Aired: September 2012

The Art of Saying No

Do you say “yes” every time someone asks you to do something? Rona and I discuss reasons to say “no” instead, and reveal our favorite tips for doing so. Aired: September 2012