Industrial Food and Chronic Illness

All too often health care providers prescribe medications and treatments without digging deep into the root causes of illness.  Also, some people prefer a medication prescription rather than making life style changes such as healthy eating—eliminating pesticides, processed foods, and allergens. And for other people, eating organic or non-GMO foods can be challenging because of cost and availability.

Food related causes of ill health is a personal, community, and national problem.You can listen to the January 22, 2018 show now at:

Guest: Vincanne Adams, PhD, is a professor and vice-chair of Medical Anthropology at the University of California, San Francisco. She has previously published six books on the social dynamics of health, scientific knowledge and politics, and is currently the editor for Medical Anthropology Quarterly.

Dealing with “Sass Mouth”

Rona and I take another listener questions, this time from Nina, who writes: “Do you have any tips for handling ‘back talk’ from kids? We are at our wits’ end with our 8-year-old boy and not quite sure how to respond to his words and reactions. I definitely take it personally and feel like it’s my fault he [talks back to me], but he tells me he learns these things at school. Sometimes he can be a complete angel and then other times the complete opposite.” Aired: October 2012

Getting Kids to Play by Themselves

This week, Rona and I take this listener question, from Anna: “I just watched your video about kids needing unstructured playtime. I have a question about how to get my 2 yr old son to play more independently of me. He will sometimes sit and play with his toys, but not for very long. He seems to prefer us to read to him or “entertain” him in some way. How can I encourage independent, imaginative play?” Aired: October 2012

Previous Workshops at Bay Area Schools

Previous Workshops at Bay Area Schools. Contact Rona if you would like a training for teachers or the parents at your school.

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  • 10/16/12 “Is That Me Yelling?” Presented by the Diablo Area Council of Parent Participation Preschools, at the Grace Cooperative Pre-School in Walnut Creek.
  • 10/17/12 Temperament Talk, Via Nova Pre-school in Berkeley.